Nobody can use it, only you!

You are the password!

My id is a mobile centric technology based on Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication.
My-ID creates a Digital Biometric Identity and you can always bring it with yourself in your Biometric Wallet.

Portable Biometric Identity

Passwordless, Tokenless, Pinless

Only Access via Multi Factor Authentication: Face, Voice and Liveness detection.

Protect your data on cloud

can encrypt files, doc, video, post and transfer via email. Can store on cloud in biometric format.


access to system after Multi-factor Biometric check

No fraud

Nobody can use My ID only you

One face, one voice, one person

My-ID creates a biometric digital identity

No phishing

No credential reuse

Biometric MFA

Biometric Multi-Factor authentication on the go

Biometric web app login

Biometric check via to access

Biometric work station login

Only you with your biometric access


Bring your Own Identity, your identity is portable

PSD2 / GDPR compliance

All PSD2 rules verified; no problem on GDPR standard verify

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