What is spoofing

Face Anti Spoofing In the recent times as biometric recognition systems increase their performance, IT Managers have to takein great consideration possible direct attack; potential intruders may gain access to the IT system bydirectly interacting with the system input device, like a normal user would. Such attempts are referred asspoofing attacks.Our smartphone are generally, unlocked […]

Adequate Customer Verification

Customer verification can be simplified or strengthened by resorting particular subjective or objective
requirements. In fact, on graduating the extent of the investigations, the obliged parties must take into
account certain factors.

Data breach

Identity theft investigations are steadily increasing and exhibiting ever-changing characteristics as hackers continue to refine these highly effective and profitable ways of fraud.

Password Cracker

There are many techniques that can be used to find information linked to users’ accesses. Can you avoid these attacks by not sending users and passwords? There are highly advanced tools which allow password recovery which can also be used as a password cracker. The great speed of this software relies in the ability to […]